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2. Check Design

3. Select contract

4. Migrate

5. Done

1. Enter data

Please fill out the form below so that may check your site and, if necessary, contact you with any further questions. Your data is safe with us and will not be disclosed to third parties.
Once we have examined all the elements of your existing website and verified that you can implement them into page4 we will suggest designs for your specific site.

2. Check Design

Based on the content of your existing website we will generate a new website, designed with page4. We will include all your personal CI-Elements (Colors, logos, etc.) and make sure that your page does not lose its original 'touch'. If you are unfamiliar with the usage of page4, Which suggests to makeA second, free test page to ensure that you are happy with the functionality of page4, and that you were able to administer your site.

3. Select contract

If you like or suggestion and are satisfied with our pricing, All you would need to do, is purchase and pay a premium version and aign a contract with our migration team. Depending on the complexity of your current website, and how many domains and email addresses are needed you may choose between the premium and the professional packages.

4. Migrate

After your payment has been received, the contents of your current website will be migrated to the new page4 website. Depending on the complexity, the migration will be concluded within 2 to 4 weeks after which you can merge the domains to page4 and start enjoying all the benefits. We will guide and assist you through the entire process, if desired.

All basic settings for search engine optimization (SEO), will automatically be applied.

5. Done

After a successful migration, the full functionality of page 4 is available to you; not only does your Website have a new and modern design, but is much more responsive which means Google recognizes it as being a "mobile user friendly website" which, in turn, has positive effects on your Google ranking. Our friendly and fast support is available for any questions. Have fun with page4 - The best choice for a modern website!

Enquiry for migration to page4

The form is not binding; you will not be charged and you are not entering a contract with us. We merely check your current website on its suitability for migration and then contact you with further details by email..

Once all questions are answered, we will make a design suggestion for you and your new website, and inform you about all costs that will arise. If you are interested, we will send you a contract which we ask you to read, sign, and return to us..

As soon as we have received your payment, we will prepare your migration and contact you as soon as we are ready..

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