Additional premium functions


Personal domain

The full version of page4 will get you a unique address. Your own domain that is what visitors like most and so does Google. Anyone that needs a serious homepage should opt for a personal domain. The light and Premium versions include one domain; the Professional version contains two domains. Of course you can add additional domains and also move your existing domain to us; we make this quick and easy!


File storage

Any image and any file that you intend to use on your website has to be uploaded to our server. We allocate space as follows: The Light version offers 5GB , the Premium version 16 GB and the professional version offer 40 GB of storage. (Eg. Assuming an average file size of 200KB for each image, this would allow a total of 200000 images to be uploaded).


Unlimited traffic

Each time a visitor open your website, data is transferred between our servers and that browser; this is called traffic. Since we want to avoid that visitors cannot reach your website because the traffic has exceeded a certain data volume, we do not have any restrictions on traffic ad your website will always be reachable.


Search engine optimization

As a Premium customer, there are a number of functions that will allow you to optimize your website for Google. Every purchased version offers the option to enter keywords and titles fior each page. If a visitor searches for your keywords, the global settings will be ignored and the data which was entered for that specific page will be used.


Google analytics

All purchased versions offer the option to enter code in the header. This allows you to have your site verified by Google and enter the code hat is offered for Google analytics, enabling you to precisely analyze the flow of web visitors.


Hide copyright

Each page4 page has a Copyright texture. If you wish to remove this text, any purchased version allows you to hide it by a simple mouse click.


Hide Login

Each page4 page has a Copyright texture, and next to it a link which allows you to signin on the site as an administrator. The purchased versions allow you to hide either the Copyright text or the Admin-LogIn, or both.



Often websites show a small logo or icon of that site. This is called a favicon. By default, we display the page4 logo the purchased versions allow you to upload and display your own favicon. Just send us the file in respective size and resolution and we will implement it into your site.


Rows and columns

Any purchased version allows you to fully utilize our extensive tools in order to format any webpage into rows and columns individually and then upload the content. You can add up to 10 columns per row and add an unlimited number of rows.


Spreadsheet function in the text editor

The spreadsheet function which is integrated into text editor, allows you to generate tables and a quick and simple manner, granting access to all functions all the text editor - Available in all purchased versions.


Images within the text editor

Every version allows the option of inserting an image into your text; the purchased versions allow implementing an unlimited number of images; this can be very helpful, if you decide to place several images next to the textures.



Premium customers can embed flash files with the .swf ending into your website, which of course are playable..



Premium customers may upload files up to a size of 50 MB and have these available for download by your visitors.


Upload an unlimited amount of images

Premium customers are allowed any number of simultaneous uploads, while users of our free version have a limit of uploading 3 files simultaneously.


Additional layout options

Header slideshow


Premium customers who are using our new design templates, have the option of implementing a slideshow, displaying up to 10 different images automatically. A large variety of options are available; You can customize image transitions, and define how long each image will be displayed. We offer a slideshow which can be placed into one of the three headers or footers.

Logos and images in the header


While the free version merely allows you to place one text block onto the header, The premium versionsAllow an unlimited number of text blocks, while also allowing unlimited graphics to be embedded. An unlimited number of elements can be placed onto all headers and footers; allowing you to position your logo and other important information perfectly.