Being innovative means to see what others see,
but to think what no one else has thought before.

Albert Szent-Györgyi

We believe that the number of people working on a project is secondary to how well these people work together to realize the common vision.

We are a small team with big ambitions.We love to constantly improve and optimize page4.There is a reason why page4 saves and loads design templates up to 10 times faster than any competitors.Progress bars are a step backwards for us; the Internet has become so fast that there is no reason for waiting when the browser is communicating with a server.For that reason, we constantly test page4 and are only satisfied once we reach good speed even with slow internet connections.

Our support is fast, friendly and efficient.We are reachable for our customers, almost 24 hours a day.We do not differentiate between users of the free or the premium versions.Each inquiery will be answered as soon as possible.

We are on the market's insider tip for anyone who prefers to work with a sophisticated system and wants to keep complete control over content and design of their website.With our latest version of page4 our technological advantage has continued to expand.

Manfred F. Schreyer
Founder and CEO of page4 Corp.
Born 1958
5 weeks after my birth, NASA was founded - so we started reaching for the stars in the year I was born.

The concept of page4 was developed by our entire team. When experience and genius meet, amazing things can happen. I bring the experience into our projects and my developers implement these mutually developed ideas. The outcome can be experienced live by simply trying out a free version of page4.