Basic functions of all page4 versions

Content elements

Text und Bild

Text and images

The modern TinyMCE text-editor offers quick and easy adding text and images to websites. Extensive features and easy usage make adding of new content a breeze!



Headlines are quickly set by this special content. You can design your headline and then choose the fitting format so that the headlines will look perfect everywhere



Personal videos, YouTube videos as well as many other platforms can play easily be presented on your web site with our video content . Simply paste the link, save and you're done! Simply log off to play.



Current weather conditions, a countdown, disqus and more can be embedded in seconds . Merely copy the code into XHTML-Content, save and done. You will see the content as soon as you log off.



Our Line-Content allows the quick and easy adding of lines to separate parts on your page. There is no limit to your creativity.



Our form-content allows you to design any type of forms; simple and intuitive. Again, there are no limits to your creativity. A great tool to get in touch with your website visitors.



Quickly and easily place images on your site. Our image content does just that. Use your own images or use our picture database and leave a lasting impression with your visitors.



The gallery allows you to display any number of images on your website. Visitors who click on the thumbnails can conveniently view your masterpieces in full size and high quality.



Import pictures from Flickr or any channel to your website and show your visitors a selection of images by means of an image gallery.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

Select your own and other feeds on your site and ensure that your visitors always see the latest news from around the world; this keeps your site updated and interesting.



Extensive and well designed tables allow you to prepare the best tables with our table content. Usage is simple and the results are perfect. Alternatively the text section, has ability to create tables as well.



You want see an overview of all your pages clearly on one or several places on your homepage? Easy - "Sitemap” allows you to do this and automatically updates new content!

Social Share

Social Share

Easily share the contents of your page4 website on social networks. The new “Social Share Content” does this in a few minutes!

Social Follow

Social Follow

Many followers liven up your website and ensure that your content is shared on the net. The “Social Content Follow” done in seconds.



Self-explanitory; counts and displays the activities of your visitors.


Link list

You need an additional navigation to specific pages? Simply use the link list.



The calendar displays the time or shows a complete calendar in the sidebar. Helpful for many visitors.


Guest book

The guestbook of page4 can be embedded on any page of your website. The entries are stored in a database and are not lost when deleting or moving the guestbook.

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Additional options for creating your website

Unlimited number of pages

You can generate as many pages as you like. Thanks to our comfortable page management, You can easily sort your pages by drag-and-drop faster than with any other system.

Up to 10 navigation levels

Able to handle an unlimited number of levels, we have purposely limited page4 to 10 levels. This will allow you to structure your website simply and sensibly by drag-and-drop.

Different types of pages

You can make a page is invisible, remove it from the navigation, link to the current page, set as start page, secure it or add an external link, leading to your blog.

Copy pages

You can copy complete pages including all functions and textures on that page with 2 simple mouse clicks; it does not get any easier than this.

Move pages incl. sub-pages

You can move complete pages including all functions and textures on that page, regardless of how many levels are active on that page. Drag&drop allows the easy moving of pages within a level or even between levels. If the level limit is reached, page4 will automatically recognize this.

Page preview in the page administration

You can see a preview of any page by clicking on any element in the page administration. This allows you to immediately see the content of a page and thus be sure to be working on the correct page at any given time. This is very important when deleting pages; you always know that you are on the correct page.

Content element options

Each content element, regardless if text, images or whatever, has its own options which can be accessed and adjusted individually. Eg. It is possible to generate a frame for each element, assign a background color, and set the internal margins. Since you decide where a frame is to be drawn, you could, for example, set this element to have a width of 10 px, a grey line on the right and add a link to the bottom. Since all these factors are variable, you have many options for this.

Move content elements freely

ou can individually move and reposition each content element on your webpage by drag-and-drop. Alternatively, you can also move all elements with our click-system. The first click activates the element, and the second click determines where this element should be moved to.
Copy In order to copy elements, simply click the respective icon in the toolbar and then click on the location where you want the element to be copied to. It does not get any easier than this.

Interactive dashboard

Each content element which you have placed into the dashboard, can be modified in that location. As soon as an element is placed into the dashboard, You can even generate and modify new elements, giving the advantage that no one apart from yourself can see the elements and dashboard. Once you are ready to publish the content, simply move or copy it onto the respective page on your website.

Jump point for each element

You want to implement a link, which directs your visitors to a specific content? No problem with our jump points. Each content element has its unique jump point address, which allows anyone clicking the link to be directed to specific content elements.

Unlimited colors

Most webkits only offer different colors for certain areas of the website. page4 allows you to individually assign colors to any part of your website; transparent colors are also available, Regardless of sidebar, footer, background, all margins, just about everything can be colorized at will.

Extensive background images

Each area that can be assigned with the background color, can also be assigned with a background image; including all options of aligning and positioning that image. You may use images from our database or you can upload your own images.

Assign border to specified areas

We offer a lot of areas that you can use In a design; 3 headers, 3 footers, 2 sidebars, 1 content area and 1 navigation area. You can draw borders for each of these areas. You can choose from different line types, and also specify the width (between 0 and 99 pixels), assign specific colors of these lines and specify on which pages you want this line to appear. You can choose from 15 different variations, offering a vast number of combinations.

Assign rounded edges to specific areas

Each area that can be framed, also offers the option to round the edges. The rounding can be set between 0 and 99 pixels, and even specify to which edges the rounding should be applied. Again, we offer 15 variations for this, which are selectable by a simple mouse-click. Rounding's will also be displayed, if the border has been deactivated, or has been set to 0 pixels.

Add shadows

All areas can be modified with a shadow effect. Currently this is done by choosing an effect from a list. This area will beExpanded an offer the option to add your own effects which will then be applied to the respective area.

Freely adjustable widths

You can freely adjust the width of your entire website, by means of sliders. The entire width can be set In 10 pixel steps between 700 and 1500 pixels. Sidebars can be adjusted in Steps of the five pixels, between 150 and 400 pixels. The distance between those two areas can be adjusted from 1 to 80 pixels. The system will always recognize at which position you are, and display all options that are relevant for the section.

Freely adjustable height

You can freely adjust the heigth of all 3 headers between 50 and 500 pixels, in 5 pixel steps.You can also adjust the 3 footers between 30 and 500 pixels. The distance between footers and headers can also be set. Furthermore, it is possible to change the navigation area height and define how the navigation is to be positioned within that area.

Adjust background image size

If background images are being used for specific areas, the positioning of these images is important. For example: if you decide to have an image that fills the entire background of your webpage, that image should be larger than one, in which you want to implement a header. We offer 5 options to scale the background: maximize – the image will be displayed as large as possible over the entire webpage without distortions, fill all – this will cause the image to jump to the maximum assigned area even it it will be distorted, select width and / or height, or you can keep the image in its original size. The background image for the external area can be set to scroll with the user, or it can remain static.

Freely positionable navigation

A vertical navigation can be built into the left or the right sidebar. A horizontal navigation can be positioned freely in the header area. There are many options to perfectly position your navigation on your website. Competitor's webkits require a new design for each change in the navigation.

Swap navigation

While other webkits expect a new design for a different navigation, page4 allows the use of existing navigation templates; both vertical and horizontal. We are continuously expanding this selection and will offer much more variety by 2017.

Designing the navigation

Background color, font and lines can be set for all 3 areas; where the font information are valid for all areas and automatically adapted to the font size; even transparent colors can be used.

Split navigation

If you have implemented a horizontal navigation, drop down menus are automatically used for all sub-pages and are displayed. If you add a vertical navigation into the sidebar, page4 will split the navigation. The drop-down menu will be invisible, and all sub-pages are displayed in the sidebar (vertical navigation). If you remove the vertical navigation from the sidebar, and only the horizontal Navigation remains, A drop-down menu will be displayed again; everything is checked and organized automatically.

Customize navigation area

If a horizontal navigation is located between two headers, This navigation obtains its own dedicated area which you can fill out with all options (Background, frames, etc.). You can also specify the internal distance between the navigation to a specific area. The navigation is located inside a header, you can only change the inner distance. The area itself is transparent, and not adjustable. A vertical navigation always has a transparent area.

Mobile preview

Every converted or new design offers the option to turn the mobile view on or off. If the mobile view is activated. The navigation will switch to a mobile version as soon as the display width is less than 480 pixels. Additionally, the sidebar that displays multi-column content will now show single column content. All new and converted templates as well as all contents are responsive and always adapt to the display size automatically.

Design fonts

You can embed font information for headers, text and links in the design and thus ensure a uniform font format on all pages. The font formats are saved in the design.

Design areas and elements

Apart from the content area and the horizontal navigation, page4 allows you to hide all elements within a design. You can also decide which of the 8 additional areas you wish to show or hide. This offer a large variety of options for the design.


A structure determines how the individual areas are positioned. Currently you can apply 4 different structures to any design, specify how the sidebars are to be displayed and if you want to implement a so called „Stripe-design“. When changing the structure, no data will be changed, but merely hidden or displayed.


You can choose from new and converted templates freely, allowing a quick startup. Every template was designed with page4. It is also possible to show or hide data from each element by using different structures and all the other options as well, offering millions of possibilities for the design, without having to have any programming knowledge.

Image management

All uploaded images are stored and displayed in the image management. You can re-arrange the images however you choose. An existing image can be displayed an unlimited number of times in any resolution on your website.

Image archive

We offer a large variety of images, which may be used free of charge under contract with page4. These images have been optimized in sized and resolution for the different areas.

Mirror layout

You can mirror any design horizontally by a single mouse click which can be undone at any time. If you mirror a design which contains a sidebar, that sidebar will be merged from left to right and vice versa. If a design contains 2 sidebars, they and their respective content will be switched out.

Specify sidebar content

If you use a sidebar, you can determine exactly which content should be displayed. You decide if and where a block-navigation should be implemented and how the content is to be added.

Sidebar height

Most webkits offer sidebars that are fixed and always are use the minimum space that is required – no more, independent of the height of that content area. Page4 allows you to decide how high this sidebar should be for every single sidebar.

Distances for content and design

You can set the distances between the outer edge of your webpage and the design. This allows you to set critical parameters for displaying your website.

Blogging with page4

page4 contains a complete blog that has everything that is needed. You can compose articles and set the time of publication, allow or disallow comments, or if your article may be shared. You decide of the blog-navigation is tied into the normal navigation or via the sidebar (which offers more options). The blog-system autonomously handles the navigation, adds new articles and offers additional options for presentation.

Service page

If you need to change your website, a click on to the service page will show and dispolay all tools needed to customize the site.

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