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Stay how are you and show the world the style that you love - in an environment that you created without compromising.Life is colorful and diverse - and that is a good thing! You are interested in fashion, jewelry, beauty, art, technology etc and everything else that makes life interesting? Your page4 blog offers the possibility to share your enthusiasm with the entire world.Be yourself; you decide on the topic, and create trends; your blog shows others what you like, and what you are interested in.

There are many topics.

Lifestyle and fashion are as diverse as life itself - here are a few tips:
• concentrate on a specific topic.
• If you have multiple topics, it makes sense to have additional blogs for these.
• The free version lets you blog just like the purchased versions do.
• Once you make money it also makes sense to upgrade to a $5 per month premium version, which includes a great domain.
• Start with a single topic; once your are successful you can extensively expand page4.

Due to the time-managed publication system!

You can write blogs whenever you choose and have them published at a time and date of your choosing. Use your smart phone to see how many visitors you site has at any time.

There are many topics.


You are an expert in shopping and always have useful tips for the correct outfit? Make your own fashion-blog! Present your personal style to the world or report on current trends of the fashion world. Readers love exclusive tips and advice and turns them into loyal fans once they see you as an expert.


You are interested in make-up or hairstyling? Use great photos to show your fans what you personally like. Maybe you even work in this industry and have your own store? Then show your customers why it is worth to get themselves styled by you. Make videos and present them on Youtube or Vimeo and on your homepage, as well as in your blog. Inspire your readers!


You love decorating and redecorate your house every week? There is so much to show and so much to discuss - decoration, accessories, art culture and much more. Readers love to be inspired! Life is change!


Jewelry is an expression of individuality; people have always had a fable for accessories. Nowadays there are infinite possibilities to wear jewelry or even to manufacture it themselves. Your own “Accessories-blog” is an excellent way to present your creations to the world.


You love to travel and to talk about your travels? Share your experiences with others; dreaming is allowed and desired! While you enjoy the sun, your followers are visiting your blog and take part in your life. Tell interesting stories, share tips and use your photos to share your experiences! It is fun and will bring you many devoted readers. .


You prefer to sleep in your own bed and explore the local surroundings? Inspire others with tales of your home town! Where do you like to eat? Where is all the local action? There are many insider tips which can be shared with the world. If you live in a large city like Berlin, LA or NYC there will be endless topics to write about. Each city has its own secrets and mysteries - luckily page4 allows you to blog about anything you wish to share; presented in a structured and well laid out manner.

Apply these tips now

Even with our free version, you are ready to go in a few minutes; no cost, no risk, and as long as you like. Once your page is complete, you can upgrade to a purchasable version of page4 at anytime while taking all your content with you. Of course we offer support even for our free version; quickly and competently - we promise.

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