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How to create a free homepage with page4.

Our free page4 version is installed in a few seconds and offers a large number of options. You can use the fee version indefinitely and switch to a purchased version at any time, if you want more functionality and a real domain. A website combined with the domain (which should have a descriptive name) looks much more professional. Our very reasonable pricing makes this possible for anyone. The free page4 version offers the option to try out many options and tools without a time limit; you can be online in just a few minutes. Test page4 now without risk! Create free homepage now.

Create free homepage now

Your personal website in just a few minutes

Page4 is programmed in such a way that it is fun to use. We call page4 the “Design homepage-kit”; you design the entire site yourself by means of simple dialogs and mouse clicks. Try our fee version and test our word. We will show you just how quickly you can present your ideas online - no prior experience needed.

1. Register for free and use your ideas instantly

Simply click the button.
Enter the desired name of your website.
Enter your email address.
Enter a password and you are set.
It only takes a few seconds until your new website is created; you can easily edit the name of your site at any time.

2. Choose a design and edit it with the mouse

After creating the site, you will also be logged in to edit the site.
First we will show you an overview of our design-templates.
Select one. Click “Continue” in the menu called “Design” and start designing according to your personal preferences.

3. Upload contents and enhance the website

Move your mouse over the new contents on your new page4 website and use the toolbar to edit, delete, move, copy or create new content. The page-manager lets you create an unlimited number of pages.

The page4 user interface in Admin-mode.

This is what your working environment looks like when you edit content.

Usage is simple; the main menu is located on top and gives you direct access to many important functions. The menu “Design” contains the design-editor (lower down in the image) and is used to shape your website. Clicking on “Blog” will open the Blog-module and you can write your first article right away. If you wish to add new pages or copy or rename pages just click on the “Pages” in the menu and a new full screen dialog with the page-manager will open. Your pages are automatically displayed and organized in the in the navigation. Uploaded images are located under “Images” in the menu. The section “Administration” allows you to edit the page name or change your password; a purchased version offers further options. Soon you will be able to generate an unlimited number of pages and then see an overview of all your web pages. The global SEO settings can be edited in the “Options” menu.

The main menu contains additional tools. You may show or hide palettes with content; these palettes allow you to create content by drag and drop. Use the mouse to select the desired content from the palette and drag them to your page; the system will show you where this content may be placed.

Apart from the palette for content, you can have a tray displayed which can have as much content as you wish. These will remain invisible for your visitors. This tray can also be used to move and copy content from one page top another and you may edit the contents of the tray just like any content on the page.

A purchased version additionally offers the tool “Rows and columns”. Selecting this will cause the system to switch to the rows and columns editor and allows you to easily structure your website with any number of rows and up to 10 columns by drag and drop.
The design we present here has two sidebars - one on the left and one on the right - and thus has a relatively narrow section for content in the middle. The navigation is located below the header and all this can be edited at will; we will explain exactly how to do this a bit later.

This is your working environment in the design editor (here: Navigation)

Clicking “Design” in the main menu will open the design editor which is shown in the image above. The area where you make adjustment will change its appearance according to what specifically you are currently working on. We chose the navigation area by moving the mouse over this area. A shaded area is displayed; clicking on it will open a dialog. You then decide what exactly you wish to edit. We selected the navigation, therefore you see a preview of the navigation and all available options for editing are displayed next to it.

Located above the preview is (e.g.) a button called “Select position”. Clicking it will allow you to select the area where the navigation is to be embedded. Moving the navigation merely requires a click to reposition it. We encourage you to try it out. You will always see the effects instantly in real time. As long as you do not click “Save” the page will not be changed. The purchased versions allow you to select a design and edit and save it in the background.

It would be to extensive to elaborate on all functions of the design editor, so we explain it in our Online help. That said, we are certain you will find your bearings very quickly.

Other web-kits require you to always select a new design when you want to change anything. Page4 allows you to turn any design into a different design and in turn offers endless possibilities just by using these dialogs. Start by choosing a design that comes close to what you want and edit it according to your preferences. Everything is editable by mouse and simple dialogs; width, frames, distances, navigation, areas and much more.

Have fun creating and customizing your individual homepage; as unique as yourself - do not settle for less.

Your previously created content will be imported.

If you want more or need a personal domain, more storage, columns or additional options (e.g. to optimize your site for Google) you can switch to a purchased version at any time - your previously created content will be imported. Of course you may edit the design to fit your personal preferences - without having to continuously having to create a new design. Wether you want the side-bar on the left or right or if you do not want one at all. if you want a narrow or a wide website. if you want the navigation above or below the header etc - all this can freely be determined by you by a simple mouse-click without having to program anything.

We have one favor to ask: Please confirm the email that we send after registering with page4. Only that way can you be sure that no unauthorized use of your email address can occur.

Create free homepage now