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A professional homepage does not have to be expensive and complicated. The page4 web-kit allows you to do it all by yourself - just the way you wanted. Even more important, you will be able to maintain, edit or expand your content whenever you choose.

A professional small business website can easily be created
if you keep in mind a few important rules.

1. SEO and control

Optimize your business homepage for search engines. This is relatively easy to do, allowing you review the statistics that Google sends you with regard to your homepage. You intend to make money with your web presence? In this case, it is not enough to simply create a web-page and leave it like that. It is very important to regularly update and maintain it and to show your target group why you have the best solutions for their needs.

Work alongside professionals

You want your customer to see you as a professional. Our suggestion: use page4 to keep full control over your web presence, but consult experts to make sure your website is presented perfectly. There are a few areas in which we specifically suggest the use of professionals if possible.

Basic design

If you have just started, you should have a corporate identity (CI) created by a designer; meaning a good logo as well as the correct selection of the colors and fonts that will be used in future.Make sure they give you a logo for specific use on your website (PNG with transparent background), as well as the color-code of your business colors.This information will enable you to create a uniform and attractive appearance of your website.

Professional images

If you need specific images to present a business idea, it might make sense to hire a professional photographer. Go there are a large number of free images in high quality available on the web, you can be pretty sure that everyone of them is already being used by someone. It is much better to invest a small amount which is probably not going to be as high as you might expect.

Perfect, error-free texts

You know what you are doing, but are you able to convey this to your website visitors? Text should definitely be checked for grammar and spelling by an external source, because almost nobody finds all errors in his or her own text. There are many online sites which offer such a service -they are not expensive at all-, and you can be sure that everything is correct. The saying goes the first opinion counts; this is also true for your website visitors! Spelling mistakes or bad grammar will not build any trust, and without trust and there will be no customers.

A meaningful domain

The domain is the name tag of your website. Ideally, the domain already suggests what the corresponding website will be all about. For example, the domain fitness-from-50. What makes it very clear what it is about. If you're active locally, it makes sense to express that in the domain as well. For example or will exactly show your visitors that they are on the correct site. We recommend to reserve the “.com” and the “.us” domains if you're active in the United States. The second domain does not cost much, are the purchase will prevent any competitor from using the same domain with a different ending. (Unfortunately this cannot always be avoided, but domain and the domain of your country are good starting points).

Just start and update regularly

The most important thing is: to start! Concentrate on your most important content. You need a good start-page which instantly and effectively tells your visitors what they can expect on your website. Please do not start with “welcome to my homepage”! If you are thinking about such a start, do yourself a favor and have a close look at what you are offering and build a different first sentence out of that. This is probably the best investment you can make for your homepage. Only when your visitors are convinced by the start page do you even have a chance of making them your customers - else they will leave and never come back. Specifically when you use Google for advertising to gain your customers, it is very important to have the correct content on hand.

Initially a few important pages are enough

Apart from the start page, you also need a well researched imprint. Also, a page in which you introduce yourself, ideally with the photo as well as a short description of who you are, what you are doing, what you are offering and what can be expected from your services is important.An additional page which the visitor can use to contact you is also very important. If possible, also have a page of references and reviews by customers; nothing is better for gaining trust than positive reviews.Depending on what you offer, additional pages where your products and/or services are explained in detail are helpful, and make sense. If you have a local business, embedding Google maps is imperative!

Register your site with Google

As soon as this information is ready and you have deposited the most important information with Google, register your site with Google - and then the real work begins. If possible set up the blog module and update the content relevant to your customers once or twice per month. You are the expert - the more knowledge you share with your customers, the more trust you will gain; and trust always pays off!

Success will come!

If you keep to the points we have discussed here in mind, page4 will give you a successful website as well as customers.You want to sell products online?We are working on a shop for page4. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please contact us. Just send an email to and we will add you to the list. Your advantage: for one, you can actively contribute that the new shop will be designed exactly as you like it, and second: as a “Thank you” we will let you use the shop for free. We are limiting the number of beta testers to a maximum of 50. It's worth joining!We have been watching the market meticulously and will develop a web shop that will blow away all current and previous shop modules that are available as our concept allows unlimited future expansions.

Apply these tips now

Even with our free version, you are ready to go in a few minutes; no cost, no risk, and as long as you like. Once your page is complete, you can upgrade to a purchasable version of page4 at anytime while taking all your content with you. Of course we offer support even for our free version; quickly and competently - we promise.

Create your small business webite ...