Your personal website.
Free. Stylish. Responsive.
Unique. Thanks to page4.

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Your personal website.
Free. Stylish. Responsive.
Unique. Thanks to page4.

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Page4 allows you to show to display your interests and concerns on a website. Build your website way you like it on your own, using our new and modern templates to present your ideas. Use the free basic version of page4 as long as you want. You can upgrade to a premium version at anytime, retaining any content you may have designed with the free version. Apart from additional functions, the premium version allows you to set up a unique domain that will be found much better by Google.

Stylish. Responsive. Very fast.

No more waiting. page4 is one of the fastest webkits available, Without permanent waiting and nagging progress bars; page4 Is up to 10x faster. Construct your professional website now, Design it like a professional without having to write any code in real-time. It does not get any better than this.

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In order to generate amazing websites with page4, all you need is a computer, internet access, a modern browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet explorer 9 upwards, a little time and of course, content and ideas.
You also need a valid email address to which we can send your log-in data.

Our modern design templates allow you to generate a unique design for your own, personal website easily and quickly.

Our templates are suited for both private and commercial websites and can be customized for your individual needs. Easy and very quick.

page4 offers truly unique designs without programming.

Millions of variations of each template. No other webkit can do this.

Contrary to other webkits, page4 allows you to customize many properties of your design, by means of simple dialogs without a single line of code. Images and colors can be changed like in any other program, but this is just the beginning. You can change the width of your entire website, As well as the width of the 2 content-sidebars. The height of the headers is also selectable; you can display up to 3 headers, 3 footers, and 2 sidebars. There are 4 structures, that determine how all elements are positioned.

Each area (Content, sidebar, header, footer) has freely selectable background colors, and/or background images, and can be framed with 8 different types of lines which, in turn, can be defined to have a width between 0 and 99 pixels. Each area can have rounded edges which again can be defined all together, or each individually (15 variations); The rounding size can also be set between 0 and 99 pixels. Currently we offer 15 templates, into which you can insert the site navigation.

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