Data protection policy

This privacy policy informs you about the nature, the scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data, and represent you as the page4 Corporation HQ at 39 Village Circle, App 10, Ithaca, 14850 NY , hereafter called provider and, if applicable, how we handle external vendors whose software we use on our systems with the data collected.
Once you use one of our services or our website,, called “Access data” is collected and partially temporarily stored for technical and other reasons.

How and why do we use your data?

We process, store and use your personal data exclusively in the framework which is required to fullfil an agreement between you and protendics Ltd. offering you our technical possibilities to edit your page4 website, as well as for billing purposes. Furthermore, only the data that is directly required to ensure proper functionality of the page.

Data we collect and store if necessary.

If you register a free site: in order to use a free page4 website, we require a functioning email address and a user name, also known as web address. Once you have confirmed the registration, a new account will be created where we save your email address and a password is generated. You may change that password whenever you choose. Your email address and the password will be encrypted and stored on our site. For technical and legal reason, we also store your IP address with which you registered, your operating system type, and which browser you used to access the site. This data is saved for the legally required period of time.

When ordering a paid version: In order to use a paid version, we require Data in addition to your email address such as correct name, your address, your telephone number and, if applicable, your payment information. We request that personal data for billing and invoicing, and in order to be able to purchase your requested domain on your behalf, and transfer all rights to you after the payment has been received. As long as you use a page4 paid version, we store personal information as well as any amendments that were made.If you cancel with us and the page and domain is deleted or migrated to another provider, will delete all data that was necessary during the period of our contract.By law we are obliged to store certain information for an additional 7 years.

Information on the use of your page4 website:Our system stores every Log in or any attempt to log on and collects data about how you use your page4 page. This includes the space used, how often you Log on, which browser and operating system you use page4 with, your IP address, the date and time of use and the so-called cookie ID. We will elaborate on this.

Cookies when using your page4 website: Each time you log on, the system generates the so-called 'cookie; for that session.T hat is a small file that is stored on your computer containing information that page4 ensures hasslefree working on your page. This cookie contains a so-called timer that is reset each time you are active on the page4 website. As long as this timer is not expired, page4 knows that you're actively working on your webpage, and ensures that the connection to or service is maintained, allowing any changes or updates to be saved. If the cookie deleted on your computer while you are editing your page4 website, you will be logged out immediately. Any data that you have collected since the deletion of the cookie can not be saved as the session is invalid and the database connection to our servers is lost. You can set your browser to reject all cookies; Please note that in this case a proper operation of page4 cannot be guaranteed. Once you have finished editing your page4 website, the cookie will be automatically deleted at the end of this session. If you have set your browser to remember usernames and passwords, all you need to do the next time you log on,Is simply click the respective icon; your browser will fill in everything else. The corresponding cookies are managed by the browser itself and are not our responsibility.

Important note: We use all the data solely for statistical purposes, for technical reasons and to ensure the operation, safety and optimization of our products. We do, however, reserve the right to examine the data retrospectively if there is reasonable suspicion of an unlawful act or usage based on concrete evidence.
Personal data is also collected and used only when permitted by law or if the holder of this data has agreed to the collection. The collected data is not passed on, unless legally obliged to do so.

It is also necessary to pass on certain data in to make services in connection with a purchased page4 version available.
This includes:
Registration of a domain: In order to list you as the owner of the registered domain, it is necessaryTo pass on your personal data to the respective authority. Depending on this authority, the data may vary.

.de-Domains: DENIC
.at-Domains: NIC.AT
.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz Domains: ICANN

Please note that some of the store Domain-data is public. We have no influence on this. There areInternational registries which offer anonymity, however, we strongly suggest not to use these, As this only works if the registration authority registers the domain on his name instead of yours; which automatically implies that you are not the owner of the domain and have no say over it.

Personal e-mail addresses: We offer the option of adding personal email addresses for certain purchased page4 versions. (On this time not for our international versions). For this service, we use our own Servers which are located at Hetzner GmbH, Gunzenhausen, in Germany. All our servers protected by cutting-edge technology from any external attacks.Any emails that are sent or received with an email address provided by us will be stored on these mail servers and cleared at different intervals, depending on usage. If you use a POP3 mailbox, you can personally specify how long any message should remain on our server before the system deletes it. If you use an IMAP account, you have direct access to the mail server; once you delete a message on your local computer, it is also deleted in our mail server. If you delete an email address, all corresponding data will be deleted as well after confirmation..

Contact form messages: If you choose io implement contact forms on your page4 website, All messages are sent directly from our service to the stored email address.

Guestbook: If you are using a guestbook, all entries are also saved in our database. Depending on your settings, these messages will appear on your website immediately, or on demand. With administrative rights, you can delete individual, or all entries at anytime. Deleting an entry cannot be undone, and no data is saved any longer. Once an entry has been made and saved, we also store IP address, time and system data of that visitor. This data is saved as long as required by local law.
If you delete the guest book, the data will remain intact. This has been implemented to prevent accidental deletion. You can recover that data by generating a new guestbook, or even multiple guestbooks. If you want to completely delete all data from a deleted guestbook, simply fill out a support form and we will delete all data, after verifying your permissions.

Cookies on the website Our homepage, as well as all subdomains use third parties for advertising and analyzing purposes. Some of these third parties at use „Third party cookies/web beacons (Counters)“ to ensure that you are seeing relevant product ads, while surfing our pages.

Comments to our blog articles: If visitors leave comments in our blog, , IP address, Time, and location data next to the comment. We do this for security purposes in case comments are subject to legal prosecution (Insults, Insanity, Illegal political propaganda, etc). In these cases, we reserve the right to use the stored data for the purpose of prosecution, taking into account relevant laws and regulations.

Privacy rules for third-party services.

Integration of third-party services: the integration of third-party services ( Youtube videos, Google Analytics, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other services ) almost always assumes that this " third party " receive the IP address of the user. We try to use only services that merely uses the IP address for delivering data, But we have no control over the storage of this data. If we are aware, we will point out the specific regulations.

Google Analytics: Our website utilizes the service of Google Analytics of Google INC . Google analytics uses so-called „cookies“ that analyzed the usage of the website. The information generated by the cookies about the use of by website visitors is usually transferred to and stored in servers in the United States, operated by Google. We use Google's provided IP anonymizaton setting. Thus your IP address is automatically shortened by Google for visitors from the European Union and from other countries who have joined this contract, before transmission to the US Google server and are thus "unpersonalized"; only in rare cases will the „shortening“ take place in the US. Google uses the transmitted data on our behalf to analyze the use of our website and to compile relevant reports for us. The sole purpose is to improve our service and to coordinate measures in order to operate effectively promoting our products. The Google Analytics IP address will not be merged with other data of Google. An installation of cookies because of Analytics can be prevented by appropriate browser settings. However, we would like to point out that we can not guarantee for an ENTIRE function of our website in this case. You can always disallow the acquisition and storage of your IP address and the transmitted data by cookies, for future visits. What Google does with your data, can be found in here. A specific plug in enables you to disallow the storage of any data by Google analytics.

Facebook Plugin: Our website supports Facebook plug-ins, marked by the blue Facebook logo. If you have a Facebook page and are logged in, while using our website, your browser establishes a direct connection to Facebook. This happens invisibly through server exchange. This way, Facebook will know that you are browsing our website. We have no influence on the amount of data that Facebook logs by use of their plug-in. If you interact with our page, by clicking the like me button, or leaving a comment, Facebook will receive this data and assign it to your specific Facebook account automatically. If you are not logged into Facebook when visiting our site, the plug-in will only become active once you have signed into Facebook. It can still happen that Facebook will log your IP address even if you are not a Facebook member.

Google+: Our website also uses and supports Google plus plug-ins. These can be identified by a „+1“ logo on a colored or white background. If you have an account with Google+ and are logged in, when you visit our website , then Google collects personal information, including your IP address, and processes them in the background. Since the data is transmitted directly to Google, we have no influence on the amount of data that is being stored or shared. According to Google, no personal information is stored unless the respective area is clicked. More information on "Button Policy".

Twitter: The Twitter Plug in his also supported and can be identified by the logo of a bird and the word „Twitter“. The blue twitter icon on our page allows you to share our page on Twitter and help to inform others about what we offer. If you are logged on to Twitter, and visit our website, your browser makes a direct connection with their servers. Again, we have no influence on the amount of data which is shared or stored. According to twitter, merely the IP address and the URL (In this case the link to our website) are transmitted solely for the Ttwitter buttons. More information can be found on the Twitter homepage.

Tumblr: We offer a button, which allows you to share our website with Tumblr. The service is offered by Tumblr INC, USA. When loged into Tumblr and visiting our website, your browser makes a direct connection with those servers; We have no influence on the amount of data that is being stored or shared by these plug-ins. As far as we know, only the IP address and our URL are being transmitted, to enable the buttons. More information can be found on the Tumblr homepage at "Privacy Policy".

Public data.

Your page4 website: As soon your page4 website is activated, all data on this page is available worldwide. As soon as Google „discopuvers“ your site, the available data will be saved. Anyone that knows your website link can reach your website by entering that web address. Be careful about which infomration you make publicly available. We cannot take any respobsibiliy for any damages you cause when publishing senstitive information on your site. Specifically you have to make sure to not infringe any copyrights becasue in that cause we are forced to cooperate with authorities and release your personal information. Personal data can be protected with passwords but even these do not offer 100% security. Very important is the concept of not granting minors access to age restricted contents; such content is generally not allowed on page4. You should also make sure to not post any data that criminal elements could use. Make sure do NOT post when you are on vacation and your home is alone, etc.

Loging in to your page4 website: Please make sure to handle your log-in data with care and not make it accessible to others. With this log-in data, anyone is able to administer your website, including the deleting or uploading of data. The responsibility remains in your hands. Please note that our employees have access to all areas your site – even password protected areas. This is necessary, so that our employees can assist you with your site at any time. All our employees are onligated to maintain secrecy about your content.

Blog entires and guestbook on your page: Please note that you are responsible for all published comments in your blog or guestbook. You can moderate this area yourself by checking each entry before confirming and posting it.

Disclosure of your data

In general, your data will not be shared with third parties. All data we log remains with us and is treated acoording to existing laws and regulations. Personal data will not be passed on unless we are obliged to do so by local law and through the respective authorities. If you use our services but fail to pay open invoices we reserve the right to use that personal data for legal purposes. Please note that the internet is not a lawless area.

Your rights

You have the right tio view the stored data at any time. This inquery is free and will be done by us as soon as possible and is usually done by email. In order to give you the reqiuested information, we have to ensure that you arev 100% indentfied to keep this data from getting into the wrong hands. For identification we required an official ID like drivers license, passport etc. Please check local loaws if your ID is allowed to be copied.

Appealing this agreement

You have the right to disagree with this document, or to appeal it at a later time. In this case we will be unable to keep offering our services to you. We need you to agree with out TOS, regardless if you are using a paid or a free version. If you order a website and appeal this agreement at a later time, we are obligated to see that appeal as the ending of the contract and will remove and delete your website. Please note that in this case no refunds will be granted.

January 30th, 2017

Validity of this Online Privacy Policy

This agreement is in effect immediately and is valid until cancelled. Individual arteas of this agreement may be changed at any time, specifically where 3rd parties are concerned. If there are any mjor changes, we will inform you by email or post this on our website. Please feel free to ask us any questions, either by email: dataprotection (at) or by regular mail to page4 Corporation, 39 Village Circle, App. 10, Ithaca, NY 14850.