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And then create your own personal website. Use the colors and images that you desire in a size you choose and embed the elements that you need to show what is important for you. Expensive programmers, optimizers or experts? Hundreds of design templates? Not needed! page4 will turn you into the designer - wth ease! Your website will show how fun designing can be!

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Our blog module allows you to manage thousands of stories and to set individual publication times for each of them; we call this freedom and we are sure you will love it!

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Customer reviews about page4!

We hope that you will soon by just as happy as our customers and we are with page4. We continuously add new tips and tricks to our blog. We always welcome your feedback! Enjoy our new tools which offer even more options and possibilities. We absolutely love being able to offer these tools to our users. We really so!

Mara Schade

I have been using page4 for many years can genuinely say I am very happy in all regards. I have never seen a web-kit that offers this many possibilities of individually designing the site.The available options where what eventually made to page4; constant improvements as well as new features convinced me. If I did have a problem, to support was able to help me right away.In my opinion, page4 is perfect for people that do not have the will or time for programming a home-based themselves.


Claudia Schorno

I use page4 because it is the best web-kit around. The creation of webpages is very simple and you have a lot of options to create your homepage just as you like it. Page4 keeps on getting updated and extended. What page4 does for customers is unbelievable! Requests and wishes are always accepted, and many have already been implemented. Page4 also offers excellent support; I usually get my answer just a few hours after posting my question.I highly recommend page4; it is the best there is! I could go on and on, but I have no intentions of writing a novel here.


Pia von Steegen

Many years ago I initially used a free version of page4 to present my photos. At some stage I switched to a purchased version because I wanted my own domain and the corresponding email address.It seemed sensible to have everything from one provider and I have never regretted my decision.The unlimited options that page4 offers, turns the creation of a website into fun and everything really is self-explanatory.


Susanne Schwarzer

After getting frustrated with other web-kits, a friend recommended page4.I immediately had the feeling, this is what I need!I could begin right away, without having to read complex manuals; intuitively, simple yet very effective! After generating my first 3 pages in the free area, I moved my entire project to page4.Differently communication the helpfulness of the staff, as well as the endless possibilities immediately convinced me. Since coming here, I do not intend to ever leave.Summary: Arrived!!


Claudia Linz

I have been using page4 for about 7 years now; many competitors tried to get me to switch but none of them offers what page4 does.
In a nutshell: I am very happy!
I like the system, the functionality as well as the customer support.
Specifically as a one-woman-show, time is extremely valuable and rare. The uncomplicated creation and maintenance of my site saves me a lot of valuable time which I can now use for private and important business matters.

Try it yourself; I created my two pages completely on my own - only page4 offers this!!! for this reason I am leaving 5 stars in this review and am very grateful for the many years of partnership and look forward to many years more.

Hansjürgen Köhler

7 years ago we, CENAP, noticed the page4 system after using the time-consuming products of competitors. Initially, I was skeptical but the page4 promises are spot on. We are receiving very positive feedback from our clients all around the world, which is not only due to the content but also mainly for the presentation that page4 offers. I ended up taking on the hosting and maintenance of our club homepage mainly because it is so brilliantly easy to use! Our club members are ecstatic and receive positive comments from their own friends about out site. I highly recommend page4; use the free version to try it out and see for yourself how much fun designing a website can be. If I ever have any questions, the page4 support team is there for me. However, usually I do not need any assistance a talk and I look forward to the many years ahead.


Mirko Fraund

When I started building my personal fat homepage in July 2014, I tried out several systems and programs for the creation of websites. These systems should be uncomplicated, easy-to-use and also display a page as "responsive”.

Nothing worked. In spring 2016 I decided to make my pages "responsive”. I searched the web, and found page4, which offered everything I was looking for; easy-to-use, many options, all with the freedom of making these pages “responsive”.

I am still surprised at how good page4 really is. Consistent updates. If ever I had difficulties like for example editing the pages, the support team of Mr. Schreyer was there to help and solve my problem.
I highly recommend anyone to switch to page4; brilliant system. Great!


Gabriele-Saskia Drungowski

When my graphic designer Angelika Mayerhofer suggested to switch my newly designed website to page4, I was hesitant. She explained that she would have much more design options which other system simply do not offer. Initially I was afraid that the new system would be very complicated and I would not be able to do any editing myself.
However, “Resistance was futile”, and I switched to page4. I have to admit, there was no need to ever worry. I can operate everything very easily and never had a real problem with it.
But the best is: my website is turned out so extremely beautiful, that most visitors give me compliments for it.
Angelika Mayerhofer was right; with page4 I have more design options than anywhere else. We're now actually using the design for my book cover. I am very happy here.
Thank you to the excellent page4 team!


Alexandra Wilde

In 2008, I wanted to design a homepage for Nia and came across page4; and I am still excited about it today. Creating and editing is easy, fun and no previous knowledge is required. The best thing is, my homepage is working and I am receiving a lot of positive feedback for it.If I ever run into difficulties, the support team is always there for me to help me out competently.

I am very excited about the mobile version of page4. I'm currently living in China where most of all Internet work is done via mobile phones. I am very satisfied, and can definitely recommend page4.

Thank you very much!


Barbara Rath

I am a freelance author and need the web. I can write a novel, but I cannot write a program. Page4 is a competent partner that does everything I need on the web. I can present my latest work on my website, link them, integrate into social media, have people contact me etc. Very easy (and it has to be in my case).The blog-function is an integral part of my homepage; after all - one does not release a new book every 4 weeks. However, search engines like sites that are updated regularly and place them higher in the list when searched for. Keywords and tags help my customers to find me; that way page4 and I ensure that the site is well visible and remains that way.


Erwin Komarek

A few years ago, I was searching for a homepage which I could easily maintain and update on my own. After trying out many other programs and systems, I opted for page4. The reasons were the ease-of-use and the large number of templates that are being offered.

Since then, many new ideas an options have been added and it really is a lot of fun to watch the own home page evolve. Like many other non-professional, I am dependent on innovative designs by the provider.

Page4 offers me exactly that.

Susanne Freidank

I have been using page4 since 2010 (called cms4people back then), when I tried it out with the web-page that I still use today: Since 2011, I added the premium functions for my main website; the transfer of my website from the old provider to page4 was easy; the support was great from the start and still is today. Any questions or issues are quickly solved by the support team.

The main thing for me still the intuitive usage and all the options that the editable program offers. It's simply fun to try out new designs, and end up publishing and presenting an awesome website. Here’s to many years to come!

Sylvia Runge

My name is Sylvia Runge. I have been using page4 to create and host my website for about 5 years now. Being a hobby-artist, it was very important for me to be able to use a kind of “web-kit” for my site,, as I had “zero” experience in this field. Primarily this means, a simple structure, a large variety of options as as well as the possibility of “learning by doing”.

I am very happy with the result; the positive feedback from the visitors of my site speaks for itself. All of this, while I am just using a fraction of the possibilities - there are many more options available for technically more versed users.


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