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The free version of page4 can be set up in a few seconds and offers a wide range of possibilities. You can use this version permanently for free and switch to a purchase version at any time if you want to use more features. With our low prices everyone can afford it. Try page4 without any risk. Here. And now.

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With page4 you have all the freedom. Without restrictions. Without programming. A complete package, which almost leaves nothing to be desired. For websites of all genres. A blog that makes you happy. A store module with perspectives. Easy to use. At fair prices and with first-class support. Fast and competent. Our users rating us with 4 to 5 stars. For example on OMR or Trustpilot.

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With Page4 you get a professional blog. Use the advanced features and add power to your voice. Write interesting articles on a continuous basis and bring your website, ideas or business into the spotlight.. Share your story

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You choose how your website, blog or store will be designed.

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Just fill out the registration form and in less than 2 minutes you can create your first content. Choose a template and customize it completely according to your wishes. Upload images, formulate suitable texts, embed videos from Youtube and publish your first blog article. Register your web address with Google or get a real domain and switch to our purchase version. There are only a few systems that are cheaper and hardly any that offer as many design options as Page4.

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30,000 photos on 608 pages!

Why I have had my website with Page4 for 3 years? Because there is no other web construction kit with which I can maintain such an extensive website so easily. And at a really reasonable price. With page4 there are no off-the-shelf design templates. So I can present myself the way I want to. Distinctive and unique.

Klaus D. Wupper - Digital photography

17,700 blog articles and 130 pages!

We at CENAP became aware of page4 13 years ago. At first I was skeptical, but the page4 advertising is not exaggerated, but hits the core of a simple homepage in the design as well as the daily uncomplicated maintenance of the homepage blog. Of course this is my subjective positive opinion about page4, so I can only recommend to just start with the free version! And notice for yourself what a pleasure it is to design your own homepage. I myself am looking forward to more successful years with my page4 homepage.

Hansjürgen Köhler - Central Research Network of Extraordinary Celestial Phenomena: https://www.hjkc.de