As unique as you!

Regardless if you are a blogger, an artist, a business person or an amateur with a hobby, page4 will give you the tools you need to create and maintain a great website. Start with a free homepage or use one of our bundle deals including the respective domain. Don’t settle for less! Make sure your website represents you!"


0 $ / month

For private only

With ads

250 MB webspace

1 GB Bandwith

All free features


2 $ / month

Connect your own domains(s)

For your personal project

Without ads

750 MB webspace

2 GB Bandwith

Domain starts at 1 $/month

All free features


5 $ / month

Connect your own domains(s)

For ambitious projects

Without ads

7,500 MB webspace

15 GB Bandwith

Domain starts at 1 $/month

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All free features

All premium features


8 $ / month

Connect your own domains(s)

For companies and entrepreneurs

Without ads

15,000 MB webspace

Unlimited Bandwith

Domain starts at 1 $/month

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All free features

All premium features

What you should know...

Can I use an already registered domain for my page4 package?

No problem as long as you have a purchase version; it will not work with the free version. You also have the option of transferring your domain to us. Just let us know that you already have a domain, and we will send you all necessary documentation for a transfer automatically. Of course you have the option of leaving your domain where it is, for example you choose to leave all your email accounts unchanged. Just contact our support and we will help you with all the necessary settings for your page4 website.

Can I transfer the data from a free page4 Version to a purchased one?

Absolutely! Simply log into your page4 website and click the upgrade button in the menu. Ordering the upgrade will automatically transfer your entire data do the upgraded account; however, this may take up to 24 hours, so please bear with us. If you forgot to mention your free page, while purchasing an upgrade - no worries! If necessary, you can still manually transfer all the data. Just contact our support if needed.

Can I upgrade from a light version to a premium or professional version?

You can select a different package at any time. Please contact our support, as we would manually have to upgrade you. The received payment for your light version will be honored while you upgrade. The contents of your page remain untouched. You can also switch from a premium to a professional version, if desired.

Can I have more domains than mentioned in the version?

The domains are not included in the package. The purchased version offers you the option of ordering additional domains and linking them to your website. Is important that you tell us which domain is to be the main domain, which will always be visible and displayed in the browser. Currently, you have to order additional domains by email, but it is planned to enter this option into your customer account.

Can I change the name of a free version?

Yes, anytime - as long as that name is not already in use. At this time, our support has to do this for you, but you will be able to do this yourself in the near future.

Can I link a personal domain to a free site?

So this is possible, it is blocked by our system because it is illegal. If you want a real and a personal domain, you need at least I light version of page4. Such a version would cost you around 17 cents per day.

Man I use the free version to generate a business website?

You may, as long as our TOS are not breached.Seriously though: would you feel comfortable doing business with a company which cannot even afford $60 per year for their website? I personally would definitely not do business with them! Along the web address and the advertisements on such a homepage clearly show that this is a free website. If the company is professional, then their website should be professional as well!

When do I have to pay an order?

When ordering. The advantage is that we are able to give you your domain right away, without running the risk of somebody else snatching it away before payment has been made or processed. There are different payment options available, depending on the country you reside in.

Does the contract renew automatically?

Yes, unless you cancel four weeks prior to contract end. If you wish to cancel, please do that by email and let us know what you intend to do with your domain. If you are switching to a different provider, we will supply the necessary AUTH codes.