How to have fun with your own homepage.

You can start for free and test everything.

You can get your own „com" domain for 1,5 USD per month.

You get the light version for only 5 USD per month.

Feel free to compare our price / performance ratio.

We never increase prices for existing customers. That's only with us. The first professional web building kit that everyone can afford. When will you join? Choose below what type you are and start with a template prepared for you. Of course you can customize it at any time. Or start with a neutral template right now .

What kind of guy are you?

Choose which image matches you best. On the deposited page are currently prepared three different sample websites. With images, some sample texts and different structures. We have already created some pages for you. Among other things, a page for the privacy policy, an imprint page and a contact form. Of course you can adapt the Data protection text to your needs and use it for your page4 website for free. Works easy like a ready meal: Open and enjoyn. So you immediately have a professional homepage and saves a lot of time.


Modern, clearly structured design proposals for the perfect website.

Friend of animals

Cool design ideas for your best friends. Easy to maintain and expand.


With activated blog. Great design and everything your heart desires.

Your own website in just a few minutes

We have programmed page4 in a way that makes it fun to design your own homepage. We call page4 the "Design Website Construction Kit". Because: You design your complete website yourself. Using simple dialogs and the mouse. Get a free version and take us at our word. We show you here on this page, how fast you can publish your ideas on the internet. You don't need any previous knowledge and can start right away.

Register for free and realize ideas immediately

Just click on the button. Enter the desired name of your website. Enter your email address. Think of a password and you're ready to go.
It only takes a few seconds to create your new website. You can easily change the name of your site at any time..

Choose a design and customize it

After creating your page, you will be logged in instantly to edit it. First, we will show you an overview of our design templates. Choose one of them. Then click on "next". Click on "Edit design" in the menu "Design" to realize your personal ideas.

Upload content and design the website

Move your mouse over the content on your new page4 website and you can edit, delete, move, copy or create new content with the toolbar that appears. In the page manager you can create as many new pages as you like and then easily organize them by dragging and dropping.