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Every friend is unique. So is your website.

Also perfect for mobile devices.

All this at a really fair price.

We're here if you need help.

CO2 neutral, server in Germany, good for you.

We have prepared a few sample pages. Just click on a desired design below. Without risk. Or try page4 with a default design. You can always create a completely custom design. It's easy and fun.

Choose a basic design for your new website

You can easily and quickly customize images, colors, texts, etc.. We have already created the basic pages for you. So you immediately have a website that looks good and on which you can build. Use your own images. This is the only way to make your website look authentic and unique. You probably have a lot of great photos of your best friends. Show them to the world with a page4 website. With us you can create as many pages about your friends as you want. I'm sure you have a lot of stories to tell.
The design proposals presented above are completely designed with page4. So you can edit and change everything with our design editor. For the imprint and other legal texts, there are various providers on the Internet that can help you create a legally compliant website and avoid expensive warnings. To view the design proposal live, simply click on the "Preview" link. This will give you an impression of how your website will look later on. Of course with your images and texts.
With the link "Select" we save your design selection and then create a new free page with it.

Blogging - A good option for animal news

I'm sure there's something new to share about your friends every week. There's always something going on in a life you share with animals. A perfect way to share cutting-edge events is enabled by our blog module from Page4. Activate blog, place blog view and blog navigation on an appropriate page, preferably in two columns next to each other. And you're ready to go. As soon as the first article is written and published, your blog fills with life. All articles are automatically sorted by date. You can assign tags, visitors can comment on your news and even subscribe. So it's best to start right away. By the way, you can also preset articles and publish them automatically on a deadline.

Galleries - to show your friends from the best side

You like to take pictures of your animals often? Then you should use our galleries. With them you can present the pictures of your best friends in a cool and modern way. With the masonry your photos will shine in an attractive design. We offer you 7 different galleries. With one click you can choose a new view at any time. So designing is really fun and looks great too. You should optimize your pictures before uploading. The quality of your pictures is best shown in HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Most of your images should be well under one MB in file size. This way your website will load quickly. Visitors like that. You can upload up to 400 images at a time from your computer to a gallery. However, it's best to focus on class, not bulk. Ten first-class photos will please your visitors more than a hundred average snapshots.

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