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Although we do everything possible to prevent any copyright violations or other breaches of common law on pages created with page4, it is impossible to guarantee that no hidden services for creation of phishing, fraud or spam pages or any other illegal content is being uploaded.

If page4 is being abused, we are grateful for any information which helps us to take immediate action. Please use the attached do cument to inform us of such activities, giving us as much information as possible which will allow us to act quickly and decisively.

Please take note of our data protection.

Important notes:
Copyright , Copyright and Trademark Infringement
The copyright law and the trademark law are applicable. This enables us to pursue any violations; please provide us with a clear and comprehensive description of the infringement of these rights. For example, a reference to the location of the original which was illegally copied and a reference to the page where the copy has been uploaded. If a trademark right is violated, we require evidence relating to the protection of the brand. Please send all corresponding documents to

Violation of our TOS or other rights violations
We do not share user data (name , e-mail , IP addresses) with third parties. The publication of such data will only and exclusively be made available to police, prosecutors, etc. Please contact these authorities directly if such information is required. Please describe exactly where our TOS have been violated by including the direct link to the webpage and tell us how exactly our TOS are being violated.

Please note that the users of our system are themselves responsible for the content of their sites in accordance with our TOS. We can take action if there is a clear violation. If you are not 100% sure, please seek legal advice before contacting us..