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Use page4 to make a food-blog.

Cooking at home is coming back; homemade is the new lifestyle. Let your creativity flow and present your edible creations to the entire world.There are countless kitchen-themes, and with a niche you always attract a lot of attention. Regardless if you are presenting vegan delicacies, or homemade treats. Show the world what you can do, and share recipes with others; a page4 food-blog is the way to go.

Start in a niche.

Make sure that you are clear about what you intend to do. Concentrate on your own special abilities and your true passion. Everyone has different taste-buds; if you stick with your own favorites you are sure to please your fans that like your creations. A blog is an excellent way to receive feedback to meet like-minded people.

Millions of readers are waiting for you!

Many think the word “niche” implies a very small target group. Not so. Billions of people use the web every day, can many of them are looking for specific themes and information on specific topics. Therefore, these “niche” markets consist of millions of customers. It is not possible to satisfy everyone on the planet, so we recommend to concentrate on your own thing. Think of some interesting stories with depth and background, and don't forget to recommend what you perceive to be good. You like cooking vegetarian? Then surely you will know many vegetarian restaurants, cookbooks and websites on this topic.

Images are extremely important!

It is not only important to make the actual meals look nice and appetizing, but also that your blog is presented in a pleasant and clear manner - specially on the topic “food”. It is a passion to prepare tasting meals, and is an art to take mouth watering images of this food. The website has many tips and tricks of how-to get perfect images of your culinary creations.

Use multiple channels!

The perfect addition to a page4 food blog is the video channel at YouTube or Vimeo. Use these to show your fans how the ease recipes can be implemented and present the videos parallel to your blog - successful websites live by this premise. Another key to success are consistent contributions in your blog; thanks to the time-management publishing within page4, you can write the entries whenever you are free, and have them published in your blog, whenever you choose.

Create your own food-blog now ...

Apply these tips now!

Even with our free version, you are ready to go in a few minutes; no cost, no risk, and as long as you like. Once your page is complete, you can upgrade to a purchasable version of page4 at anytime while taking all your content with you. Of course we offer support even for our free version; quickly and competently - we promise.