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A page4 website - the best thing that can happen to your restaurant

More and more gourmets are searching the web for great restaurants and carefully select their next outing. Specially for a restaurant, the appearance of the website is crucial; a page4 website gives you the best chance of impressing new customers.

Just keep a few things in mind:

1. Appearance is appetizin

Our design-editor allows you to perfectly apply any of our templates; assuming that you have perfect images that you positioned carefully: tasty meals that run as a slideshow in the header or in the background are an important part for gaining new customers.
Making perfect photos is a science in itself. We recommend to hire a professional for this task; it is an investment that is certain to pay off. If I personally am on a restaurant website and the images make the food look as if it is stale or not appetizing, I will definitely NOT visit that place.
If you do opt to try it yourself, have a look tab these tips and tricks. A little hint: Make sure to look at some references that the photographer can provide.

2. Show your customers where you are

Embedding Google maps is very simple by means of our HTML content. Go to Google maps, look for your restaurant, click “Share” and then “Embed map”. Copy the code into the HTML content of your homepage, save it and you are done. It is so easy that we decided to include extra content for this. By means of these maps your customers will be able to find you easily.

3. Make sure Google knows you

Our SEO options can easily be edited. Register with Google and copy the code from Google analytics into your page4 website. This way you can always analyze what your web visitors are doing on your site. Make sure to get a clearly named domain (where the name clearly points to your business) and you will soon be listed very high up in Google searches. Since no one drives hundreds of miles for a meal, it makes sense to use local Google ads.

4. Online menu

Upload a clearly structured, colorful and appealing menu in a PDF format. Special tools like (e.g.) Yumpu offer tools to embed such PDFs into a website in a way that they can be looked at and looked through easily and comfortably. Yumpu offers a free version of the program, as well as 2 purchasable versions. Exactly how such a PDF is generated in explained here. Additionally, it is of course possible to directly generate menus by means of columns, text and images - since page4 allows you to generate an unlimited number of pages, it is possible to organize these in such a way that a visitor can use the navigation to look at the available meals.

5. Online reservation

Opentable allows you to embed forms for online reservations into your websites by means of a few mouse clicks. Also, bonvito offers an interesting system that allows customers to perform online reservations, and thus can significantly increase your revenue and improve your customers satisfaction.

6. Display customer reviews

A good way of doing this, is by using Yelp; Basic registration is free.Of course you can also get feedback from customers by means of your page4 tools. It is very important, given contact with your customers; if they're happy with your service, they will also happily leave you positive feedback. Important: make sure to get written permission before publishing any of the reviews; just to be on the safe side.

7. Offers

Use the page4 blog regularly publish special offers. The more new items you present, the better for your business. The blog also allows you to “collect” online feedback. Satisfied customers will be more willing to share their comments over the web.

8. Ensure proper grammar, and good text on your homepage

Make sure to have all your text proof-read, and do not be afraid to listen to tips and tricks. The better your web presence appears, the more trust you will gain from the visitors. Even in the age of WhatsApp and other Apps where proper spelling and grammar do not seem to be that important, experience has shown that typos and grammatical errors leave a bitter taste in the minds of visitors and they are more likely to leave negative feedback. From our own experience, we suggest the use of online correction sites such as Barbara Rath ( in Germany. Professionals like her have an excellent writing style and will help you make your website look professional. Again, this is small investment is sure to pay out.

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