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Private and commercial.
No ads

You can add your own domain

512 MB webspace


$ 4 / month

Private and commercial.
No ads

Includes personal domain

5 GB webspace


$ 8 / month

Perfect for commercial purposes.
No ads

Includes 2 personal domains

15 GB webspace

Page4. The best for your website.

You are unsure which version is the right one for you? No problem. Get the free version. That will allow you to design and fill your homepage; no time limit. If you do not need your own personal domain, and are willing to sacrifice a little bit of functionality, you can use this free page indefinitely.

You can upgrade to the full version at anytime and transfer all existing data. Simply click the respective button, and within a few minutes you can see for yourself if page4 is good enough for your website. Absolutely free, and always available.

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This and more awaits you with page4.

Unique design possibilities

Excellent, modern design templates and unlimited possibilities. All templates are fully customizable and ensure that you achieve your desired website design.

Naturally responsive

All our new designs are automatically responsive and display your content on all mobile devices.

Social Media

Utilize social media to get more web traffic. A single click allows you to embed the necessary elements in your page4 website.

Your own blog

Not only do you get your website, you also get a full blown blog. Keep updating your articles here an reach customers and visitors.

Images love page4

Amazing galleries, your own image management as well as the perfect display of all images; your visitors will get a lasting impression.

Lots of traffic and webspace

No traffic limitation in any version, and adequate space for all images and files, allow very high web traffic without any issues.

Keep in touch

Use our individually designed forms to stay in contact; use your own email in the premium and professional versions. That is how you keep in touch.

Download data

Have documents ready to be downloaded by your visitors. Files up to 50 MB can be uploaded and made available on your website. Only premium and professional version.


Use your page for website to present your favorite videos with a simple link to YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms

Widgets and HTML5

We support all modern standards. Use these, or extend your website with your own code, or use a variety of widgets straight from the internet.

Our page4 is continuously being expanded and improved.

To ensure that everyone can try out and use page4, we have developed a completely free version which offers a lots of features. If you are fine with your website not having its own domain (Meaning the name/ the web address that leads to your site, will be rather long as we had to add „” to the name of your site), and do not mind some advertising then our free version is definitely a great option. The good thing is, that you can upgrade to the unrestricted versions at any time.

For anyone that wants more from their website, we offer 3 excellent packages at very moderate prices. If you want your own domain, have your website optimized for Google, embed documents and slideshows into the header of your page then you will need our premium and professional version. That versions will also allow you to upload any number of images simultaneously, embed flash movies and much much more. We are currently working on exclusive additional functions for our premium customers; soon it will be possible to work on your website, without your visitors knowing anything about it.